Teeth Whitening! $200 for 45mins!

Teeth Whitening! $200 for 45mins!

Improve your smile with our quick and easy in-chair Teeth whitening Today!

This is a quick and effective procedure with the use of whitening gel and a UV light to safely whiten your teeth within minutes.

Will it damage my enamel?

No this system will not damage your enamel

Will my gums be sensitive after the treatment?

Some people may experience mild or moderate irritation around the gum area. this may last 1 to 2 days, however the gel is gently applied to your individual teeth to minimize such occurances.

If I already have sensitive teeth is this save for me?

Yes it is safe for people with Sensitivity; however, 2 week prior to your appointment it is recommended that you use Sensodyne tooth paste to control sensitivity.

How many shades will I get?

The shades vary due to multiple factors, however, you are guaranteed up to 3 -10 shades up

Can any teeth be whitened?

if your natural teeth color is yellow it cannot be whitened.