COVID-19 Guidelines

Please text us to cancel your appointment if you are feeling sick, have a fever, wet or dry cough, sinus infection, runny nose, sore throat or and covid-19 symptoms. 

Coming to your Appointment

- Please do not bring any accompanying person to your appointment, without prior notice.

- Masking is not mandatory but you may wear a mask if you prefer to your appointment. 

- Please use the touchless hand sanitizer provided at the entrance upon entry.

- Covid-19 screening  form will be filled out each appointment.

Appointment Booking and Cancellation

- Unpaid appointments are subject to a non-refundable security deposit of $10 when booking. This fee will not be refunded if you cancel or miss your appointment.

- There is no security deposit on already paid appointments, however, if you miss your appointment without a 24hr notice, you will loose that session you missed.

- Please note that cancellations due to covid-19 relations are NOT subject to any penalty.

Payment Methods:

- At this time Cash and E-transfer is the only accepted payment method.

A card payment processor will be available soon.

 Thank you so much for your compliance!